Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009 potd

The first day back to school after Christmas break, what a wonderful day for everyone. The kids were so happy to get to go see their friends and I was happy to have some downtime. I actually had lunch with my sister. OH!! An Kayleigh wore big girl panties all day at school and had no accidents. I am so proud. She always wears panties at home but I was still putting her in pull-ups when we went out but I think it's time to just be done except for sleeping. Wish us luck. So todays pictures are Derek at his computer playing on which he loves. It makes me feel so old that my son, my four-year-old son can navigate, control, play and enjoy computer games. I assure you I was not doing that at four. Did we even have computers as a staple then? And dear Kay, who really just isn't into the camera for the time being...wet and in her monkey towel.

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